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Always-on connection
Surry DSL is an always-on connection, meaning that you do not tie up your phone line while accessing the Internet. The Internet is at your fingertips as soon as you put your hand on the mouse. You never have to “dial in” or “disconnect.” You’re always connected, always online with a simple click.

Instant videos and super fast downloads
Surry’s DSL broadband connection allow you and your family to experience the net like it should be with moving graphics, bright colors, cool movies, live music, and interaction like nothing before.

Take gaming to the next level
The super high speeds will allow you to connect your gaming equipment to the Internet so you can take on other hard-core gamers from across the country and battle like you’re in the same room! From xBox to Spades, let Surry DSL take you there!

Instant communication
Surry DSL gives you the communication tools and personalized services you need to connect with family, friends and businesses.

Share photos
Not only can you stay in touch with friends, family and even your workplace by using Surry DSL, you can send personalized messages as well as share photos and video clips.

Complete resource
From homework help to sports specials, Surry DSL has something for the entire family. Students can do research faster than it takes to get to the library. You can make online purchases, explore hobbies, research health-related topics and financial information more readily and with super fast speed.